Child Custody / Visitation:

When contested, child custody is perhaps the most important issue for parties in a divorce, relocation, modification and for unmarried couples both heterosexual and same-sex couples. Our Attorneys are highly qualified and capable of assisting in each unique circumstance. Learn more about your rights and legal options when you contact our office.

Child Support:

Child Support is an issue that may arise in many family law cases, such as: divorce, parenting plans, modifications, paternity, non-parental custody, and relocation. HinsonSingla experienced in establishing child support, modifying child support and enforcing child support obligations.


Divorce can be complex and difficult, often times requiring a distribution of property and debt, establishing a parenting plan and child support if there are children and the entry of a divorce decree which ends the marriage. Our Attorneys have the experience to address these various issues as well as any unique circumstance that may arise (i.e. domestic violence, criminal charges).

Wills & Estate Planning:

Protect your family. Our Attorneys have the experience to make sure that your loved ones are taken care of. Learn more about what documents you may need when you contact our office.