Mediation is unlike a trial in that it does not involve decision making by the neutral third party, instead, mediation is a negotiation facilitated by the neutral third party.
In mediation, the disputing parties work with the mediator, to resolve their disputes. The mediator facilitates the resolution of the parties’ disputes by supervising the exchange of information and the bargaining process. The mediator helps the parties find common ground and deal with unrealistic expectations. She may also offer creative solutions and assist in drafting a final settlement. The role of the mediator is to interpret concerns, relay information between the parties, frame issues, and define the problems.
The mediator has an equal and balanced responsibility to assist each mediating party and cannot favor the interests of any one party over another, nor does the mediator favor a particular result in the mediation. The mediator’s role is to ensure that parties reach agreements in a voluntarily and informed manner, and not as a result of coercion or intimidation.
Since mediation requires parties to actively participate in voluntarily resolving issues, participant satisfaction and the likelihood of compliance for both parties are found to be elevated through mediation compared to court options.
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Mediation cost: $500 total ($250 per party) half day; $1000 total ($500 per party) full day.